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Robert LaSardo Tattoos

Posted in Male Tattoos, Television Stars on September 30, 2010 by tattooexpo
Robert LaSardo is an American actor who has appeared in several movies and television shows, including Nip/Tuck and General Hospital.

Robert LaSardo is almost completely covered in tattoos, most of which are of the satanic variety, including several designs on his chest, such as skulls, demons, devil, pentagram, and other dark creatures.

The actor has two finished sleeve tattoos, both containg a signifigent amount of tribal artwork, along with a dragon, lion, cyclops, cross, and other fantasy inspired ink.

On his neck is Jesus Christ on one side and a devil woman on the other side, along with a portrait on himself in the middle. The actor also has tattoos on both his hands and across the knuckles.

Jessica Lange Tattoo

Posted in Female Tattoos, Movie Stars on September 29, 2010 by tattooexpo
Jessica Lange is a sensationally talented American stage and film actress, featured in such movies as Tootsie, Blue Sky and King Kong.

Jessica Lange has a Celtic knot tattoo on the outer portion of her left wrist, which was influenced by her daughter while in Paris. She has been quoted as saying…

“She conned me into doing it. She said, ‘Mom, let’s go and get a tattoo together that will connect us forever,’ but I think it was just a way for her to get a tattoo, but I bought into it. She was underage.”

Jessica Lange has also said she has a crescent moon tattoo located on her hip, which she also received in Paris France, at the age of nineteen.

K.D. Lang Tattoo

Posted in Female Tattoos, Music Stars on September 29, 2010 by tattooexpo
K.D. Lang is a talented Canadian singer-songwriter, perhaps best known for the album entitled Ingénue and Hymns of the 49th Parallel.

K.D. Lang is known to have a single tattoo, which is located on her right shoulder, the design is of a traditional sailors anchor.

beautiful angel tattoos design on the back body

Posted in Angel Tattoos, angel tattoos back body, angel tattoos design, art angel tattoos on September 28, 2010 by tattooexpo

Angel tattoos are great because they can be used by both men and women and can vary between sweet cherub Angel tattoos to more menacing designs of guardian angel tattoo that are often done in black and white. It is also very common for people to get Angel tattoos as a memorial of a loved one who has passed.

symbol dragonfly tattoo designs | tattoo designs women

Posted in art dragonfly tattoo, dragonfly tattoo design, dragonfly tattoo women, dragonfly tattoos, symbol dragonfly tattoos on September 28, 2010 by tattooexpo

Dragonfly tattoo designs come in a number of different styles, and all you have to do is find the one that suits you the most. For instance, you’ll find that dragonflies were a popular design motif during the Art Nouveau phase of the early twentieth century. In this style, you’ll be able to find dragonflies that are beautifully stylized and quite delicate looking. If you are not interested in the delicate nature of this art style, you’ll find that you can still take advantage of heavy stylization and take a look at dragonfly tattoo designs that have been rendered in the tribal style, with dramatic black strokes. You’ll find that there are plenty of artists who are willing to help you create a design or modify one that you have dreamed up.

beautiful fairy tattoos on the foot gallery fairy tattoos

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Now, why would you get a fairy tattoo that looks like every other fairy tattoo? I think that is rather dull and is really against the grain of what a tattoo is supposed to be. I mean come on, if you want a beautiful design then get a fairy tattoo that is unique and expresses your individuality. And that’s the reason that I particularly enjoy this design. Sure, it contains a few common fairy elements in it, like the stars and the fact that this fairy is flying. But, it is also very unique. For one, the fairy is flying more like a super hero then a fairy. Two, this fairy has sort of a dark countenance about her. She doesn’t look cute or happy. No, she looks more like she is serious and dark. She’s the type of fairy who would use her magical powers to smite any human dumb enough to get in her way. Another thing that I like about this design is the coloring. It’s a big departure from the pale blues and pinks that are usually seen in fairy tattoos.

beautiful fairy moons and star tattoos for women

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Those and other Beautiful fairy moons and star tattoos of star can be built-in with a design of tattooing of tribal-model. In fact, sometimes the star shape is open of interpretation – more than one design in the stylized star shape of tattooing.

Moon star tattooings put ‘t have the significance major symbolic system other Beautiful fairy moons and star tattoos to have, but they can be very beautiful designs.

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