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A Guide To Cat Tattoo Designs

Posted in Cat Tattoo Designs on January 20, 2011 by tattooexpo

As I begin to write I notice a large grey cat outside my window marking its territory. Fine, I think, but this is not my cat, as a matter of fact I don’t own a cat. And that’s when I realise who does own a cat? Here is this sleek, majestic, animal that, by now has noticed me and carries on with total disregard or fear of reprisal, free to wander and do what cats do. Cats have a long history with humans and what I liked to do in this story is to tell you about some of that history, and also to give you some ideas if you are thinking of a cat tattoo design.

Cats have been human pets since the time of ancient Egypt. In ancient Egypt the cat was revered and killing a cat was not a good idea as this also resulted in your own death. Cats have been associated with mythology and folklore for a long time. There was Freya, the Norse goddess of love and beauty, who had a chariot pulled by 2 large gray cats (there’s that grey cat again!).

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